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Expert in enclosure calibration and qualification

A global and flexible offer

  • Training sessions compliant to French DATADOCK
  • Solution suited to your needs (sale, rental)
  • Advise and follow-up

Established expertise

  • Calibration of enclures according to FD X15-140 (Climatic and thermostatic chambers. Characterisation and verification, CEI60068 (Environmental testing) standards
  • ISO17025-2017 Internal calibration services in our laboratory (temperature, humidity, CO2, differential pressure)
  • Our customers:
    • ILAC/COFRAC laboratories
    • Drug industry: Research and health area
  • More than 15 years experience
  • Development of calibration methods
  • Training sessions DATADOCK



Datadock certified

Our training courses are certified from French Datadock.
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FD X15-140 Standard (Climatic and Thermostatic Chambers. Characterisation and verification)

The course offers a full examination and comprehensive discussion on FD X15-140 standard. Les principaux objectifs de cette formation sont :

  • Understand FD X15-140 standard requirements,
  • Operational use case : use of instruments and software. Sensors' installation. Data analysis.
  • Analyse data from trials and prepare reports.

Read full course overview.

Other standards related to enclosure qualification

The training course provides a review of the most important standards and their main area of applications :

  • FD V08-601 - "Microbiology of food - thermostatic enclosures - Characterisation, check and daily follow-up"
  • CEI 60068-3 - Environmental Testing
  • AMS 2750 - This standard covers pyrometric requirements for thermal processing equipment used for heat treatment.
  • DKD-R 5-7 : Calibration of Climatic Chambers. EN 2007.

Get more information on on-demand training course.



Instruments rental

We can rent you the equipment that you will implement according to our advice.

Qualification report

You provide us with the data coming from the sensors and we analyse them and proceed to qualification report set-up.


Let us know you needs and we will propose the well-suited solution.



Real time solution

Data from qualification are transmitted in real-time to the software so observation can be made and operations can be interrupted as soon as completion.

Batch mode solution

This solution make use of miniaturized instruments that can installed easyly in the environnement.

Adapted solutions

Here are examples of changes we can managed : Dew point sensor can be interfaced to our real-time solutions.
Our qualiication reports can be adapted to your needs.




We can cover a wide range of temerature from -196°C to +600°C (PT100) and even more by use of thermocouples.


Humidity range : 5%HR à 95%HR. Our solutions are based on impedance sensors or dew point sensors.

Our monitoring solution provides compliance to high level of quality standards and requirements in the fields of research, development, production and storage.

Warita is a comprehensive and flexible solution that could be configured and adapted to answer to a wide range of applications.

The solution is made of hardware devices (analog, digital, gateway modules) that fill measurement data to a server software. The information can be easyly accessed from anywhere through connected devices such PC, laptop, tablets or smartphones.

The system monitors data as defined and configured.

A wide range of modules can be inserted in the system in order to acquire temperature, relative humidity, CO2 rate, contacts, differential pressure, data coming from particles counter. Other quantities can be interfaced thought use of standard analog input (0-10V ; 4-20mA) or digital inputs (MODBUS, UART) for instance.

Please contact us for more information.
Our traceability solutions helps to control product quality in all fields from research, development, production including storage and distribution.

All thermo and hygro sentitive products (pharmaceutical, blood, or food for instance) need proper temperature monitoring and traceability thoughout their life cycle.

Our solutions will be easily integrated in your process such as to reach and guarranty quality and regulation requirements.

The Waranet Solutions global offers covers all kinds of application.
- Warito solution based on off-line batch instruments with post analysis and treatment,
- Warita solution made of monitoring instruments which provide real-time data.

Both solutions comply with 21 CFR Part 11 regulation.

Please contact us for more information.

Online and connected monitoring of your facilities
(storage facilities, incubators and means of transport ...)
with flexible and wireless solutions.

Waranet Solutions, temperature, humidity, CO2 rate or differential pressure monitoring and traceabililty,

For all your needs in traceability, monitoring and data recording (temperature, humidity, CO2 rate or differential pressure), Waranet Solutions devise, calibrate and market fixed or moving solutions suited to professionals (hardware, software applications, services).

In our range of wireless solutions of connected sensors, you can find in particular the WARITO range: data-loggers, miniature recorders and Operating software application and the WARITA range: Monitoring and Supervision software with a Radiofrequency and TCP/IP interface with Real Time Measuing Instruments.
With its calibrating laboratory, Waranet Solutions, a member of Collège de France de Métrologie, calibrates various sensors on different target ranges and applications in order to meet your needs in terms of calibration and incubator characterization.


Waranet solutions install systems combining instruments (such as recorders or real-time devices) and software applications enabling you to meet quality norm precision requirements in the field of health, the pharmaceutical industry, research and development, environment, food and agriculture, industry and the building industry. By means of modular and adaptable solutions, tailormade studies, hardware rental and training, we are able to meet the special requirements of every customer.

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Monitor and record data while respecting your fixed or mobile installations
picto signaler

Signal anomalies and enable you to take action
picto simple

Easy to use thanks to wireless systems and simplified interfaces
picto garantie

Guarantee and control traceability
picto respecter

Meet rules and regulations
picto securiser

Secure your sensitive products
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Waranet Solutions :

  • Experienced in developing electronic solutions and software applications.
  • Renowned multidiscliplinary skills
  • Customers' assistance to target their needs
  • Comprehensive mastering of our products from conception to operational implementation
  • COFRAC-validated pressure, CO2 and humidity measuring chains

Our means :

  • Development tools covering the whole of your needs for development, prototype creation and tests.
  • Comprehensive range of COFRAC-validated Temperature and Hygrometry measuring chains
  • Laboratory equipped with tools for temperature and hygrometry sensor verification and adjustment

Our customers' fields of activity :

  • Health (French Blood Agency known as , laboratories, hospitals, clinics)
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and agriculture (production, storage, transport)
  • Logistics and transport
  • Industry

Our assets :

  • Product and service quality
  • High performance products enabling you to meet the highest levels of requirements
  • Our customers' full satisfaction
  • Understanding, assistance and training
  • Customizable products
  • An aid and a follow-up of your projects

Our outlook

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Team work

Because team work results in getting the best ideas and the best results, our team comprises people who have different skills and are experienced in various fields. Our commitment to satisfy our customers is made possible by the mutual support existing within our team.

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Since our team members' creativity is a source of growth, we encourage innovation by means of our investments, process efficiency, professional development and know-how.

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We thoroughly respect ethical rules in order to be faithful to the confidence that our customers have granted us.

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Our customers' satisfaction

Our aim is to create added value to our customers. We support them in their success because we respect our commitments.

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Each member of the team shares a personal responsibility in the company success. So each member has many opportunities to satisfy customers, contribute to team work, be proactive and improve our practices.

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Our targets in line with this Outlook

  • Going beyond our customers' expectations
  • A sustainable and profitable growth
  • A high-level performance on all our markets
  • The motivation and talent of our staff

Our customers


Mastered Technologies :

  • Traceability and monitoring solutions developed by Waranet Solutions - by means of recorders or in real time : temperature, hygrometry, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, differential pressure, particles, ... and all type of sensors offering an analogic voltage or modbus standard interface.
  • Data communication via radio frequency, TCP/IP, field bus
  • Acquisition, operating, supervision and monitoring software applications developed by Waranet Solutions

The company ensures metrology services in addition to the instruments produced by the company.

These services are provided in the metrology laboratories for which Waranet Solutions have the latest equipment for trials and calibration materials that enable the meeting of level of requirements expected by our customers.

Our laboratory qualifies for the 17025 standard for its calibration and verifcation services. Our internal activities are completed – if need be and according to our customer's needs - by partner laboratory services accredited by COFRAC.

To help you meet your challenges, our teams are able to help you define your needs thanks to their great know-how, their expertise and skills.

Our integrated organisation allows us to offer a high level of reactivity and quality services. Our laboratory covers the following fields (media and measurement standards associated):
• Temperature :
    o Climatic chamber : -50°C to+60°C
    o Baths (ethanol, distilled water, silicon oil) : -80°C to +200°C
    o Liquid nitrogen tank : -196°C
    o Dry carbon dioxide snow : -80°C

• Humidity :
  o  Humidity generator + ROTRONIC standards : 5% RH to 95% RH ; Temperatures : 5°C ; 23°C ; 50°C

• CO2
  o Standard gas : 0%, 0.3%, 5% (and others on request)

Example of calibrated instruments.

prestation metrologie waranet 1 prestation metrologie waranet 2 prestation metrologie waranet 3

Waranet Solutions resorts to other service providers for other quantities acquired by sensors integrated into our solutions. Waranet Solutions can offer you temperature calibration services directly on your site in order to reduce the time when monitoring systems will be unavailable because of maintenance and verification operations.

Tailormade training to learn how to use our software applications respecting norms and regulations.

Teach-yourself training scheme for Qualification following FDX 14-140 and NF-EN 60068-3-11 standards.

Using hardware and software :
- Warito II with the Expert or Warita option
- Microsoft Excel (all the versions since 2003)

Tailormade training

Group or individual training, according to your needs, on site, in order to train you to use our software applications respecting norms and regulations.
Various levels, initial, starter, advanced, expert.